What can you expect at BPC Youth Soccer?

BPC Youth Soccer is beginning its 11th season in the Spring of 2024. This is a recreational league designed for players wanting to play for fun and exercise. Girls and boys play together in our league. We welcome all skill levels, and you will find the league to be encouraging for players that are new to the game.  Practices and games for all levels are in one location, which help carpoolers and busy families with multiple aged players to not have to drive to multiple locations. Our field is one on the nicest playing surfaces in Blythewood, which will be groomed weekly and lined. You will see whole family units gathering on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, enjoying our beautiful property and visiting with friends and neighbors. There is even space for personal exercise, frisbee golf, and dog walking (leashes required) while your player participates in games and practice. On hot and sunny days, you will find areas with shade and in any weather, a covered pavilion with bathrooms. Each age group will have at least one coach per ten players. Coaches are typically parents of registered players or willing volunteers. On gamedays, for 1st graders through the 6th grade, volunteer referees are provided. Four- and five-year-old games are officiated by coaches and parents. If you have questions or concerns on gamedays or practice, you will always have at least one league official on site, either David Cowan or Roy Williamson. Both league officials are on site most of the time and do their best to communicate changes due to weather and scheduling. BPC Youth Soccer looks forward to any and all who want to join our league!

SPRING 2024 Registration


This Spring, the league plans to have four levels:

- 4- & 5-year Olds

- 1st & 2nd graders

- 3rd & 4th graders

- 5th & 6th graders

The plan is to have the first practice / evaluation day on Saturday, February 17, 2024.  This is not a tryout.  We simply want to gather information about the kids so we can form as equal of teams as possible. We may choose to create the teams in advance since we are familiar with many of the players that register. The season will conclude by May 4, 2024.

Requests for players to be on a specific team or to be on the same team with certain players cannot be guaranteed (we won't separate siblings). Since practices and games all occur at the same time each week, this should not impact carpooling. 

Please read the Safety Measures and the Cancellation Policy below prior to proceeding with registration via the link at the bottom of the page.

We have tried to answer as many questions as possible, but if you have further questions, please contact David Cowan at agamesports@sc.rr.com.



BPC Youth Soccer Safety Measures

  • Head balls are not permitted at any level in this league.
  • Slide tackling is not permitted in this league.
  • All players must wear shin guards for both practice and games.
  • Each player should bring their own water bottle to both games and practice.


These are the safety guidelines for BPC Soccer at this time.  They may be adjusted or changed as needed.

BPC Youth Soccer Cancellation Policy

BPC Soccer has put in place a cancellation policy that will explain how it will handle refunds and/or credits moving forward.  This is to try to be fair to all parties concerned as BPC soccer is not operating as a for profit business.  There are expenses incurred in operating this league and they must be considered as we navigate through uncertain times.  This policy will be as follows:

  • If the season is cancelled before it begins, 100% of any money paid will be refunded, credited, or donated to BPC.  This is determined by the family affected.
  • If the season has begun, teams have been selected, practices have started, and shirts have been ordered, a portion of the fee shall be refunded, credited, or donated to BPC (family choice) if there is a need to cancel the remaining season.  The amount of the refund or credit will be 50% of the fee to help cover expenses incurred up to that point.
  • In the event that the season has begun, and is then cancelled once 50% or more of the season is played, no portion of any registration fee shall be refunded or credited.
  • Games which are cancelled during the season may or may not be made up. This will be at the discretion of the league.
  • Families that sign up, pay their fee with credit card, and then decide to not participate before the season starts will receive a refund of the fee paid less a 3% processing fee. If shirts have been ordered, the cost of the shirt will also be deducted from the refund.


Should a determination be made that a season will need to be cancelled, communication will be made through email.  Options will be spelled out, and a deadline will be given in which a response is needed from the family on what they would like to do.  In the event that no response is given before the deadline, any potential refunds/credits will be forfeited and donated to BPC Soccer.

Credits are only good for the next season