What does it look like to be involved in a Parish?

Once a month, all members of the Parish come together for a Gathering to eat, fellowship, pray and plan.  This is a sweet time of being in community, connecting and being intentional about where the Parish will Scatter and Serve.  Our goal is to engage believers and non-believers around us through neutral and natural activities and service projects.  We also desire to take care of needs within our congregation. Parishes provide a built in community of believers pulling for and with you.  As a result, Parishes are designed to intentionally do life with one another.

Click on the name of your parish leader to send them an email and join the next Parish Gathering!  If you have any other questions about parishes, please email Patrick & Heather Kelly.

North Parish

The North Parish consists of those living north of Hobart Rd, northwest of Grover Wilson & Smyrna Church Rd, and east of I-77.

Leaders: Brooks & Teresa Goodman

South Parish

The South Parish consists of those living south of Hobart Rd, south of Long Creek, in the Summit Parkway Community, south/west of Clemson Rd, and anywhere south of I-20.

Leaders: Allen & Gina Hancock

East Parish

The East Parish consists of those living north or east of Clemson Rd, north of I-20, and southeast of Grover Wilson & Smyrna Church Rd.

Leaders: Justin Keller & Ruth Ellen Hardee

West Parish

The West Parish consists of those living west of I-77 and north of I-20.

Leaders: Chris & Claudette Horn

Central Parish

The Central Parish consists of those living in the Long Creek community.

Leaders: David & Leah Poole