What is the purpose of the campaign? 

The purpose of Building for the Harvest is to bring Glory to God by cheerfully investing in His Kingdom and the advancement of the Gospel. We are taking steps of faith and obedience as we trust in God’s faithfulness to raise the necessary funds for our Phase 1 building.

How will building help us reach our community for Christ? 

We believe our 7,600-square-foot Phase 1 building will significantly enhance our worship environment, improve our children and youth ministries, and create greater opportunities to reach and serve our community during the week. Thus, we will be able to better bear reliable witness to the beauty of the Gospel by discovering, living and sharing the transforming love of Jesus Christ with more families from our community.

How will we pay for this? 

In much the same way that many of us as individuals have purchased or constructed homes for our families, Blythewood Presbyterian Church has taken similar steps in the process of preparing to build a permanent worship site at its property on Rimer Pond Road. Church leaders have met with banks, architects and builders and have secured precise figures for how much BPC can afford to borrow and how much the building will cost. As part of the Building for the Harvest campaign, we will ask friends and members of BPC to commit one-time gifts and three-year pledges above regular tithes to help make this project happen. 

How can I help?

  • First and foremost, please be in prayer for our Building for the Harvest campaign. We want God to receive glory and honor as we pursue this building project.  Learn more here.
  • Make a commitment to learn as much as you can about the campaign and the vision it will help us realize.  Learn more here.
  • Give sacrificially. This is a straightforward building project but quality construction is never cheap. It will require commitment and sacrifice from God’s people. Building a church building where God is praised and His Word is faithfully preached gives us an opportunity to invest in eternity.  Complete an online commitment card or give online.